Monordi joins Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce

Monordi has been just approved to be the member of Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce. Through the collaborations with the organization and its member companies, we will further strengthen our businesses and services between Finland and Japan.

What is Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce?

The Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce was established in 1981. Its domicile is the city of Helsinki, Finland. Its secretariat is at the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization.

The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is to develop the relations between Finland and Japan in the fields of trade, industry and other lines of business and to create a better awareness of existing possibilities to enhance business relations between the two countries.

The Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce forms a forum for discussion. To pursue its aims, the Chamber of Commerce arranges meetings and lectures or other informative events for its members and and provides updates on trade between Finland and Japan. Once a year, in August,  there is a special Golf event. The Chamber of Commerce is in close cooperation with the Embassy of Japan.

Currently, the chamber has some 90 members representing various sectors, such as trade, industry, services, banking, transport and tourism.

Member Companies:

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