Japandi (Japanese + Scandinavian) Design

“Japandi” (Japanese + Scandinavian) design is trending, and is fascinating to me as a Japanese living in a Nordic country. The combination Somehow creates Harmony in design and looks very natural and comforting. You see the examples of such a design in the article; the Japanese-style Lattice door for the nordic-taste cabin, and the Japanese wooden bathing bucket in sauna … Both cultures respect the minimal and simple designs inspired by nature. I hope this trend further pushes the Collaboration between the two cultures ( Yoshi Kosuge , MD, Monordi Oy / Omatsuri Oy).

See more in the article:
The rise of Japanese design and the quest to create a calm place in a turbulent world”
– A Blend of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics has created an increasingly popular style that’s’ simple and calm and restful
https: // www.macleans.ca/society/life/japandi-design-trend/

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