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Pive Toivonen connects with more and more Japanese Nordic Fans through Her Art at Hankyu Umeda Nordic Fair 2024

We at Monordi are proud to promote Finnish visual artist and illustrator Pive Toivonen, who participated as one of the Finnish artists at the “Hankyu Umeda Main Store Nordic Fair 2024” held in Osaka, Japan. With full support from Andfika, Pive herself stayed at the booth throughout the event, enjoying encounters with many Nordic art/design fans.

The Hankyu Umeda Nordic Fair 2024, held from May 22 to May 27, celebrated the theme “Finding Small Happiness in the Simple Finnish Lifestyle.” The six-day fair featured popular Finnish and other Nordic countries’ foods like cinanmon rolls and salmon soup, various shops selling Nordic goods and fashion accessories, and a variety of art and music workshops. Pive participated in a talk show about Finnish saunas and showcased her signature watercolor drawings. Impressively, dozens of copies of Pive’s sauna art book were sold during the event.

During her stay in Japan, Pive also visited various facilities such as Japanese saunas, onsen (hot springs) and sento which is Japanese public bathing place, creating numerous artworks and enriching her artistic activities. And also, Pive and her husband Markku enjoyed Japanese ’rice bran enzyme bath’ in “Nuka to Yuge” a bath and sauna facility in Kyoto. (The art what Pive drew there can be seen at the end of this article. )You can view other arts on various social media platforms, where she will also be updating with new pieces created in Japan. Don’t miss out—stay tuned for her latest works! (Links available here)

We also extend an invitation to sauna and sento facilities in Finland and Japan: would you like to display Pive’s original artwork at your establishment? If interested, please feel free to contact us at Monordi!

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