Pive visited various sauna facilities across Japan, and sketched and created sauna art at each sauna.

We, Monordi, had the pleasure of hosting the Finnish visual artist/illustrator Pive Toivonen, whom we promote, for approximately a week-long stay in Japan in February 2024 for her exhibition. During this time, Pive visited various sauna facilities across Japan. (For details on the exhibition, please refer to our various social media platforms). Once again, Pive sketched and created sauna art at each sauna visited. (For more information on sauna art, please refer to our previous blog).

First on the itinerary was SaunaLab located in the basement/1F of Kanda Port in Tokyo, where Pive created the following sauna art ↓↓↓

Despite being in the heart of Tokyo, SaunaLab offers the essence of sauna enjoyment – tranquility. Pive was impressed by the peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, SaunaLab features amenities such as a sauna kitchen, restaurant café, and sauna market, making it a haven for sauna enthusiasts!

Next stop was Wellbe Sauna in Nagoya’s Sakae district, where Pive created the following sauna art ↓↓↓

Wellbe Sauna boasts decorations of birch and vihta, a sauna theater, and unique door shapes and internal structures, providing a truly charming and unique sauna experience.

Following that, also in Nagoya, Pive visited Kiwami Sauna, where the following sauna art was created ↓↓↓

Kiwami Sauna seamlessly blends Japanese traditional architecture with Nordic sauna culture, offering an elegant experience. Pive’s favorite aspect was the opportunity to relax in a tatami room after the sauna session. So relaxing, in fact, that Pive even forgot to take a photo!

Lastly, Pive created sauna art at the sauna of the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo! Details of this experience can be found on Instagram, and later post in our LinkedIn, so please take a look!

Pive visited many other saunas, but for more information, please check our various social media platforms. To sauna owners out there, why not have Pive create sauna art at your facility? If interested, please contact Monordi!

You san see the recent activities of Pive on the following Social medias; https://linktr.ee/pivetoivonen

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